Farmington Municipal School has switched from MyMealTime to SchoolPay for payments including school lunch, laptop fees, class fees and more. SchoolPay provides an easy and convenient method for school staff and parents to track and pay for many different fees. Any funds in a student's MyMealTime account will automatically roll over into a student's SchoolPay account. As your student acquires fees, you will see them in your student's profile and be able to pay from your computer with a debit or credit card (a small convenience fee will apply). Cash and check payments can still be made in your school's front office.


Manage accounts or create your SchoolPay account here.



Visit the SchoolPay Frequently Asked Questions page for answer to the most common questions. For questions about school lunch funds, call (505) 324-9840 ext. 1042. For questions about creating your SchoolPay account, call (888) 88-MYPAY or (888) 886-9729.


Helpful Resources:

School Pay Parent Brochure.pdf