School Procedures

Pick-up drop off zones

Area 1

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Area

Please pull all the way through the pick-up lane in the pickup and drop-off area. Do NOT exit your vehicle in the pickup loop. If you would like to park, you may use the crosswalk to collect your child in person from the pick-up area at the 2:45.  Please do not cross the cross-walk before 2:45. Any person collecting a child on campus anywhere other than the office must present an Authorized Persons card to a duty teacher before taking a student.

Area 2


There is one campus exit gate at the corner of 35th and Dustin and one gate at the corner of 38th and Dustin. If your student will be picked up on 38th Street, your child is considered a walker and will need to exit the campus through the gate at the top of the stairs on the corner of 38th and Dustin.

These are the ONLY two exits with crosswalks. Please DO NOT instruct your child to enter or exit the campus through  any other entrance or exit.

Area 3

Bus Students

Students who ride the bus will be dropped off at the top of the stairs on Dustin. Students must WALK down the sidewalk and stairs and either go to breakfast or play on the upper playground until the whistles are blown to line up.

After school, bus students will WALK up the stairs to the bus stop and BOARD their bus immediately. There will be NO LOITERING on the Dustin Ave. sidewalk.