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Farmington Municipal Schools now offers online registration and enrollment of new and returning students.

Get your students ready for the new school year quicker and easier!

Whether you are a returning student from the previous school year or brand new to Farmington Municipal Schools, your enrollment begins by registering online. By replacing previous paper registration practices with the InfoSnap online registration process, we are improving accuracy and efficiency and, most importantly, saving parents time! Parents can register online for their child’s zoned school or an approved transfer location.

Click Here for more Information and to Register Online

✓     Register from anywhere in the world! ~Avoid the travel and crowds during registration time.     
✓     No more long hand written forms!
✓     One form for family information applies to all siblings!
✓     Prior year information transfers over to reduce your work each year!
✓     24/7 online support, toll free phone support 8a-5p M-F

Proof of Authorized Person to Enroll

The following persons are authorized to enroll students:

  • Parent (natural or adoptive)
  • Legal Guardian
  • Foster parent appointed by a state agency
  • Sponsor for approved International Exchange Program
  • The person authorized to enroll should present one of the following:
  • Driver's license
  • State identification card
  • Passport
  • Other official photo identification

  • InfoSnap provides 24/7 online support here, and toll free phone support at 866-752-6850